Actual Good News

 The "Gospel" (Not-so-good-news)


Where is the “Good News” in the midst of all of the bad news we encounter? Traditional religion has proclaimed a “Gospel,” bringing “tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.” Where is the Good News promised by the Christmas/Easter story? What is good about it? Ironically, the news is not so good.

This “Gospel" relied on obscure scripture writers who apparently used poetic license in reporting events. It was supported by liturgical power brokers who imposed authoritarian rule and sponsored repressive traditions and heretic cleansing. It produced zealous, prejudiced evangelists who marketed and promoted it. It was advanced through manipulation, coercion, dictatorial purging and death to the infidels. Ultimately, it became an imperial power, the antithesis of the "Prince of Peace."

What kind of Good News rests on such an unstable core? What can be good about a literal Hell or a Heaven that only certain “believers” may enter? What can be good about pain, suffering and abuse perpetrated on Christians, pagans, heathens, “savages,” “primitives,” and other undesirable people? Indeed, this “Gospel” has fallen short of bringing “great joy.”

This “Gospel” centers on a heroic figure, born of a virgin, who healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, walked on water, died on a cross and rose from the dead, but it requires historical “belief” in an often repeated mythological story. From culture to culture, This “Gospel” has demanded not only the right savior, but also allegiance to the right beliefs, performance of the right actions, petition of the right prayer(s), allegiance to the right place(s) and adherence to the right view of the right scriptures. There seems to be very little “good” in this kind of “news.”


An Actual Gospel (Actual good news)


An alternative “Gospel,” actual “Good News,” is offered by a variety of teachers, mystics, gurus, shamans, yogis and avatars. For each of them, all of life is deemed miraculous and sacred; eternity can be observed in every situation in every moment of life. Beliefs are considered passing fancies, which have no effect on Truth, a mysterious reality that everyone can experience, but which no one can define. Scriptures and religious communities are considered valuable, but not dominant over any person’s own heart and soul. Love is considered universal and always present “when two or three are gathered.” According to this gospel one can never be guilty, because every mistake is a lesson learned on the journey. This gospel affirms both “what” you are (spirit) and “who” you are (human being).

This “Gospel” is centered in the hearts of men and women. It asserts that every person is “God’s Son” and it declares him or her to be the “light of the world.” There are no hidden motives, no separate agendas and no special qualifications. This gospel is free, forgiving, loving and peaceful. It is yours by virtue of your “being,” rather than any kind of “doing.” This gospel simply states the truth: “You are loved, special and important, just the way you are” (Unity Blessing). Everything that you feel, think, say and do is a part of your journey of consciousness (Ken Keyes). Truth is within (Dadaji). As you travel, you continually arrive at a new place, see new vistas and acquire a new “you.” You are enlightened by virtue of your unfolding and rather than “returning” anywhere, you are always “home,” here and now.

I prefer this actual “Good News” that Unity students seem to share. Even the “not-so-good news” is considered a part of the journey, a detour on the road to freedom. Step by step, as one teacher said, “ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” (John 8:32) That, I believe, really is Good News!

  The All (Reality, Truth,etc.). At the lower right angle is The Sensory (Science, Duality, etc.). At the lower left angle is The Mystical (Oneness, Faith, etc.) At the top is The Way (Journey, Consciousness, etc.). The lines of the triangle indicate that each angle is related to two other angles in making up the whole. Thus, the Way interacts with the sensory and the mystical aspects of life, which interact with each other. Together this image describes spirituality in a nutshell, that is . . in a Triangle.

The Way:






The All:



What Is


The Infinite

The Mystical:




Essential "Self"

The Sensory:




Manifest "Self"

Triangle Graphic