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Here you will find resources for spiritual and mystical development. The underlying premise is that each person is on a unique spiritual journey and each step along the way is an end in itself. Wherever one is on the journey, he or she has already arrived; the journey is the destination. Thus, "Truth Will Set You Free" http://booklocker.com/7011.

Spirituality is a relative practice, which means that it is not likely linear in nature (getting from here to there) but interactive (every thing relates to every other thing). From Philosophy to Religion and from Science to Mysticism, there is a Truth that sets us free: each of us is on a spiritual sojourn and is the primary influence on our own journey.

Within this diversity of experience is a Unity, which is the context of it all. This Unity has been named and described in various ways by various cultures throughout history and around the world. Whatever the name or description, it likely falls short of fully expressing the Unity. As stated in the Tao Te Ching, "The Tao that can be spoken is not the Eternal Tao." (Lin translation)

Ultimately, Unity is a mystery. It seems inconceivable that finite beings can comprehend infinite things. Yet, there are glimpses into the vast unknown. Insight into spiritual things has often been described as "Light," "Love" and "Oneness." Indeed, the experince of Unity is available through a myriad of practices.

Mystic Mountain offers articles, stories, graphics and links that can enhance a person's spiritual journey. Almost everyone desires a life filled with health, illumination, creativity, and prosperity. That is the intent of Mystic Mountain. Help yourself to all it has to offer. After all, you chose to be here as a step in your own journey.




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  1. Mysticism, Philosophy and Taoism (Oneness)
  2. Analysis, Synthesis and Insight
  3. Organization, Facilitation and Design
  4. Operations, Processes and Services






  • Spirituality – Reading, Writing, Metaphysical studies, M. Div. w/ Religious Education, Unitarian Universalism, Unity, Taoism, Perennial Philosophy, Living Love, Mysticism

  • Relational Thought – Analysis, Synthesis, Relativity, “It Depends,” Ideas, Articles, Cartoons, Entertainment, Humor

  • Creativity – Organize, Design, Facilitate, Effect, Purchase, Coordinate, Expedite, Account, Document, Resource

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Bachelor of Arts in Missions, Toccoa Falls College | Toccoa, GA: International studies with emphasis in Social Science and Humanities



Master of Divinity with Religious Education, Southeastern Seminary (SEBTS) | Wake Forest, NC: Professional degree with emphasis in Education and Counseling.




Master of Science in Technical Communication, North Carolina State University | Raleigh, NC: Theory and practice of textual and graphic information design with emphasis on writing, project management, and documentation development.